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Sunshine Daydream

With an epic snowstorm ready to descend upon us, I feel like I should be cheerier.  But I’m not.  Truth is, in my part of the world, where we have on average 1 sunny day out of 14 cloudy and gloomy ones, it’s kind of hard to keep your spirits up.  Couple that with my daughter being sick for most of the past two weeks, I am feeling the full impact of cabin fever.  Thankfully, Michigan Ice Fest is this weekend or I would really be despondent.

Probably the worst part is there is nothing for me to write about.  I took my son sledding, which was super fun, but snowboarding has been put on hold until my daughter is well again.  And sure, I’ve gone to the gym, on-sited a couple new routes, flashed others, found some new projects, but there is no story to tell about that.  Climbing certainly helps break up the monetary of winter and I am always glad to be there, but give me something I can write about!

So I am left to my mind wandering to a sunnier, happier place.  Like the 2 winters I spent on Hawaii.  Ahhh, that was nice.  Or the days I spent last summer and fall climbing at The Red.  Which reminds me of Miguel’s Pizza and I am in my happy place now, so shh…I think I feel the words coming on…

My first impressions of Miguel’s was “I’m Home”.  Anyone who knows me knows I hate to admit I’m a day over 29, even though my son and I are the only ones that actually believe it.  So for me to admit what I am about to reveal is a pretty big deal.  I am old enough to have gone to Grateful Dead shows when Jerry was still alive.  There.  I’ve said it.  Stop judging!  Anyway, my first thought when I walked out back to Miguel’s was, “Hmmm, so this is where all the hippies have gone.”  I really felt like it had the same vibe shows used to have for me.  Minus the drugs and music of course.  But it was the people, the sense of community.

Miguel Ventura opened up his restaurant in 1985 and has been serving trad and sport climbers delicious pizza and other specialties ever since.  But it doesn’t end there.  Miguel allows camping for “climbers only” on his land in the back of the restaurant for $2 a night.  The atmosphere is so laid back and chill, it is really a special place.  I have found parts of  The Big Island of Hawaii to be similar in hospitality, but there aren’t too many places in the world like it which makes me so happy I have found it.  And thinking about it is a great way to lighten my mood on this cold winter’s night.

  1. February 1, 2011 at 5:33 pm

    Ah yes, I remember the dreary cloudiness of that part of the country. That winter dullness is hard to fight. Glad you have Miguel’s to daydream about! Loved the honesty of this post.

    Here’s to sunny days soon, and to playing in the snow!

  2. Hillary N
    February 1, 2011 at 11:09 pm

    Where is Miguel’s? I’m old enough to have been at those shows, too. I don’t mind the age as long as my I can keep lying to my knees and a couple of other moving parts!

    • February 1, 2011 at 11:25 pm

      Miguel’s is in Slade, Kentucky minutes from the Red River Gorge. They close up shop in November and reopen the last week of February (depending on the weather). Here is link to Miguel’s Facebook page. Yes, I always joke about my age, and really don’t mind it too much! Keep on crushin’ it!

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