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Joshua Tree Climbing Salve

Joshua Tree (J-Tree) Climbing salve.  Love this stuff.  Love it!  It is made from the finest natural and organic ingredients; the base is vegetable oil and beeswax blended with herbs and essential oils known for their healing properties. The result is a very emollient product that absorbs into your hands and cuticles and does not leave a sticky or tacky feeling afterward. I have used other products, not made by Joshua Tree, such as Climb On, (which is a lotion bar instead of a salve) and have not cared for the way it made my hands feel tacky after use.

I am a total snob when it comes to products like this because I used to make my own salves and soaps when my kids were babies (yes, I am kind of a hippie that way).  I used only the highest quality raw ingredients I could find, such as Roman Chamomile and organic lavender essential oils. I would infuse organic calendula blossoms into organic carrier oils letting it mingle for six weeks prior to creating salves.  Joshua Tree Products has freed up hours of time and a vast expenditure of money I would have to invest in ingredients to make my own.  I am so happy to have found this product.  It really does soothe rough climber hands!



A 15 ml jar is $5.00 and a 50ml is $15.00.  You can purchase Joshua Tree Products online at JTreelife.com or find a local business in your state to support.

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