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Paris, I love you.

10 days in Paris may sound like a dream-like trip.  Well guess what?  It was.  Paris was like all you’ve heard about and more.  For the first couple of days it was very surreal for me.  It was my first time across the pond and I felt like I had stepped onto a Warner Bros film set; this can’t be real, I kept thinking.  I mean you see the 5-story stone buildings complete with wrought iron window boxes dripping with geraniums, but you figure that is just one street in Paris or something.  Oh no, it IS Paris, on every street.  Instead of every corner having a gas a station like it does here, every corner has a cafe.  Virtually every block has a mom-n-pop produce store and bakery.  There isn’t a big box chain store every 1/4 mile.  In fact there isn’t a big box store at all.  The closest thing Paris has to it is the Monoprix, which is so unlike our Meijer or Kroeger I hesitate to unite them in a sentence.

I haven’t even mentioned the bridges, museums, fountains and churches.  Everything is feast for your eyes.  Everything is treasured and preserved.  The parks and gardens are maintained and used by citizens.  I saw many students studying in public gardens and outdoor spaces.  One week-night about 150 young people were gathered in small groups on a bridge with individual picnics of wine and cheese.  If a group of people gathered on a American bridge they would be ticketed for loitering.  The French encourage it.  And what surprised me even more was that everyone was totally chill.  There wasn’t any unruly or uncouth behavior.  It was a peaceful way to spend the evening for these people.

The food is of course amazing too.  There are many crepiery stands where you can get a Nutella crepe for a few Euros.  And hundreds of bakeries with oodles of pastries and baked goods… all unique,

not homogeneous like in the States where you can get the same Whopper in practically every city.  Every bakery is unique and has their own specialties.  Sure, there is McDonald’s there and a Starbucks, but they do not dominate the landscape like they do here.

And oh my gosh the public transportation.  One can literally get anywhere in Paris by the Metro or bus.  There is no need for a car, in fact it would probably hinder one’s ability to get around.  Fantastic system.  People walk all the time, it is a way of life.  It is probably the reason they can eat such rich foods and not be obese.  Americans eat processed fatty foods and spend hours sitting in their cars driving from their garages to their parking spots.  Their is very little walking unless a walk is actually scheduled… as in “I am going for a walk now” after changing into athletic walking clothes.

If I sound bitter about being back it is because I am.  I love our country, I really do.  I like being an American.  I just wish we had held onto some of our cultural roots and established communities that were esthetically pleasing as well as functional.

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  1. Megan
    July 8, 2010 at 1:22 am

    Funny. I’m really bitter too. Can’t wait for the next plane out of here!

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